Tai Chi

When: Next Week   April 22, 2021
  10:00 am Thursday

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The class will focus on the principles of Tai chi, which when practiced regularly, have many health benefits including both mental and physical health. Tai chi is one of the Eight Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The simple, gentle coordinated movements of Tai chi are practiced slowly to develop and strengthen the mind-body connection. As the mind and body connect, there is balance- both mind and body are in harmony and the spirit flourishes.

No advanced knowledge of Tai chi is necessary. The class is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

This class will be taught by Carol Suzdak
Carol has been a Tai chi practitioner for over a dozen years. She is certified as a teacher by Tree of Life Tai Chi, whose protocol is outlined in The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai chi. She has studied with Grandmaster Sam Tam for over 10 years. She practices Yang style short form of Tai chi chuan, Tree of Life Tai chi, Ichuan Standing meditation, Tai chi sword, fan, and staff forms as well as various Qigong forms including the Five Animal Frolics and the Soaring Crane set. Carol has taught for three years, and currently teaches Tai chi at Cromwell Valley Park in Towson.