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Join us for Women’s Mindful Mental Health

W/ Hillary Horgan

The Women's Mindful Mental Health Group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 8 pm via Zoom. The group is a way for individuals to build community with other like-minded folks, take a pause out of their daily lives, and learn more about how the practice of mindfulness can support them on their mental health journey. It is an intentional, but informal gathering that typically starts with introductions and a quick check-in. The check-in is a chance to share what has been going well and what has been challenging over the past month, as well as what folks are looking forward to in the near future. We then typically transition to a discussion portion of the group where we engage in dialogue about a variety of topics. Recently, we talked about finding balance and setting boundaries around the holidays as well as how to mindfully set intentions rather than forcefully create resolutions for the new year. Each session ends with a mindfulness practice; these include breathing exercises, grounding techniques, loving kindness meditations, among others. If this seems like something that you could benefit from, please join us at our next meeting!

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A little info about the instructor, Hillary Horgan:

Hillary is a wife, mother, school counselor and therapist. A native New Jersey-ian, Hillary has lived from Philadelphia to New Orleans, but has called Baltimore home for the past 11 years. She loves to spend time with her husband and two and a half year old daughter, Finley, exploring all of the beauty and quirks that "Charm City" has to offer. In her spare time, Hillary loves cooking, listening to podcasts, reading and trying new restaurants. Hillary is passionate about helping others discover ways to ground themselves in the busy-ness of our everyday lives and various life experiences. The foundation of all that Hillary does is grounded in the belief that we already have the skills we need to be successful; sometimes we just need someone to help us uncover them. She is excited to welcome all those who identify as female to join the Women's Mindful Mental Health group as a safe space to unwind, decompress and build community.

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