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When singer-songwriter Jordan Lally lost his father to suicide, he knew he could no longer hide his own struggles with anxiety & depression. It was time for him and his bandmates in Big Infinite to get “real” and share their own mental health struggles with the world. The "Power of Expression" is an "unplugged" style music documentary and a 5-song EP that share Big Infnite's uplifting music and healing journey, while providing inspiration and wellness techniques to help others find hope, purpose and healing.


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We are currently partnering with community organizations to host in-person or virtual screenings of "Power of Expression" for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. 

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"Power of Expression" is also available as a supplemental mental health awareness & suicide prevention program for middle and high schools, featuring interactive exercises, advisory information, student surveys and support resources.

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We believe that awareness and expression are the cornerstones of mental health, both individually and socially. Our Mindful Mental Health mission is to normalize a proactive approach to mental health & suicide prevention through accessible present-moment practices of self-awareness and self-expression. Our vision is to foster a world community connected through our experiences of inner struggle, forged through awareness and united through compassion. One day, one us... together we heal.

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Big Infinite is Jordan Lally (singer-songwriter), Donald Fritzges Jr. (multi-instrumentalist) and Andre Toney (drummer/vocalist). Following the loss of Jordan’s father to suicide, Big Infinite shifted their focus from the traditional path of the music industry to mental health awareness & suicide prevention at schools, conferences and events. “By casting light upon the noise in our own heads, we will connect with others who struggle. Our songs and shows will bridge that connection, while our partnership with the Ed Lally Foundation fosters it further.”

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Personal Message from Jordan Lally:

As a family, we walked hand in hand with my beloved father Ed Lally as he suffered through multiple bouts of clinical depression, the last of which culminated in suicide. Through my Dad’s journey, as well as our own personal experiences, we know first-hand the pain and isolation that depression and anxiety can cause. It is through both lessons learned during our darkest of days and the healing we’ve experienced since my Dad’s passing, that we embrace a proactive approach to mental health through self-expression and self-awareness.

We believe that honest expression - creative, conversational and therapeutic - will help to remove the sense of isolation that so often exacerbates struggles with mental health, and create a profound sense of connection. Through personal practice, we also know of the evidence-based healing power of mindfulness upon the brain. We believe in accessible present-moment practices of self-awareness to foster healing and improve coping skills & resiliency, helping folks to “weather the storm” in moments of crisis and prevent suicide.

We are not alone in our stresses, depressions and anxieties. Our stories may be different, but through our shared struggles and success' we can find a higher, common ground. Together we will heal.

 -Jordan Lally, co-founder Ed Lally Foundation


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