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Tai Chi for Seniors

Virtual, led by Carol Suzdak

When: Tomorrow   October 18, 2021
  10:00 am Monday
Register here: Tai Chi

This is a class for any and all fitness levels and includes simple, gentle coordinated movements that are practiced slowly. These movements develop and strengthen the mind-body connection. No experience is necessary! Although the class is advertised for seniors, ALL are welcome!

A note from Carol:

Tai chi has been such a great practice for me. I find my practice helps keep me balanced both mentally and physically. I am so happy to be able to share my Tai chi practice with you. I wanted to reach out to you before the event in order to provide a brief overview of what to expect.


This is a come as you are event. The idea in Tai chi class is to learn active relaxation and balance the mind and body connection. Tai chi is moving meditation. We will be learning to listen to our body without judging, thus allowing  communication between our body and mind. The class will run approximately 45 minutes. I will use the first few minutes to give a basic overview of Tai chi, then we will do some relaxing exercises, then Tai chi movements. I will be teaching while standing and I invite you to do so also, but if you cannot stand for the class, please sit. 


If you have any questions, please email Tara @